Strengthening of Quality Education at Gilgit Baltistan by Using Digital Platforms

Currently, we are working on the development of the LMS
Selected Schools and Colleges in Public and Private Sectors of GB​

The consortium for the project is a diverse group comprising of three Universities and two stakeholders from end-users, one each from public and private sectors. The lead role shall be assumed by KIU, where an energetic team of computer scientists and educationists who teach at the Department of computer science and Education, respectively is involved. National University of Science and Technology (NUST) has opted as a research partner, which is one of the leading research institutes. From private sectors Universities, the City University of Science and IT Peshawar has been chosen for its obvious strength in the computer science and IT education, besides having a chain of Peshawar Model Schools and Colleges as part of University, where more than 35000 students are acquiring quality education.

Private Schools

Quaid-Azam School Gahkuch
Al- Amyn Model School

Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan

DJ School Sonikot Gilgit
DJ Model High School Singal

Government Education Department

Boys High School-1 Gilgit
Boys High School Chilass
Boys High School-1 Skardu
Girls Model High School Gakuch Ghizer
Boys High School Sakamaidan Skardu
Girls Higher Secondary School Eidaga Astor
Boys High School Gulmit Hunza
Girls High School-2 Gilgit
Girls High School-1 Skardu